A Quick Tour of the Homeschool Castle

Unless the Lord builds the house . . . (Psalm 127:1)

Stop for a moment and take note of the rooms in your homeschool castle, because important aspects of life are happening in each one. In a previous article I offered a few ideas of why a castle should make you think of homeschooling. I’ve also talked about the importance of the kitchen and bedrooms.

Today, I want you to think of all the different parts of a castle and how they might apply to your homeschooling journey. Start with the dining hall, kitchen, bedrooms, and guest rooms. Think about the chapel, ballroom, and treasure room. And what about the library, reading room, and art room?

And those are just the rooms! There are many other features of a castle I want you to consider. Think of the gardens, moats, turrets, gates, armory, possibly a dungeon, and a literal “war room.”

We will look at some of these in greater detail down the road. For now, simply take note that a castle has a banner or flag flying above it, a coat of arms, paintings, sculptures, and other valuable artwork. And don’t forget about the secret passageways!

Does a specific room or feature jump out at you? If so, which one and why? What does it make you think of? You could probably write an entire article yourself on a one of these rooms and how it reminds you of the homeschooling journey.

Walking by faith and enjoying the homeschooling adventure of a lifetime!

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